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Welcome to Harrisons Puppy Paws. I am Sammie Hankins-Harrison proud owner of Harrisons Puppy Paws. We are located in the heart of the Ozarks in South West Missouri. I am married with 1 child of my own! I have been raising dogs for 9 years now. I was raised on a farm in Highful, Arkansas. We mainly raised cows. With horses as a plus! We had play days with the horses where we barrel raced, pole bend with lots of extra fun! We had tail rides and camped out on the rivers. I was raised with a silver Mini Schnauzer female as a child. I love this intelligent breed so much I became a breeder so I can share this wonderful breed with others. We breed for intelligence, conformation, coat will all unique colors. We specialize in Livers (chocolate/brown) Liver tan (phantoms) black and silver, and all the parti colors. Every once in a while we will have whites and salt n pepper. All of our mini schnauzers are owned by me or my wonderful friend Tina Couch. Tina has been raising Mini Schnauzer for 15+ years.

My husband and I also Love the large breed as well! He raised Siberian Husky's for 15 years before we got married. We have out standing Siberian Husky's. We have some of the darkest black and white Siberians. Occasionally we have gray and white, red and white. Every once in a while we get pure white. We raise Siberians with the most gorgeous blue eyes! We breed for heavy bone, thick coat and broad shoulders. We breed only the highest quality! Each puppy is loved and very well taken care of! All our puppies we be ready for their new home at 8 weeks old.

- We give all our puppies 2 set of vaccinations before they leave for there new home. We use vanguard + 5. This vaccination is a high titer. Providing extra protection for your puppy.

* New parents will receive
- AKC Registration papers on all the mini schnauzer (unless specified)
- United All Breed for the Siberian Husky's
- Micro-chip (every puppies is micro-chipped with the BEST micro-chip in the market (Home Again)
  We feel as micro-chipping is very important. If your puppy gets lost the puppy can be  returned  home! Or if your puppy is stolen it is a perminate ID!
- Appropriate worming at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. 
- ALL Siberian Husky's leave spayed or neutered. We can spay and neuter the mini schnauzers before leaving. Neuter is $60 Spay is $85.
- We offer ear cropping for the schnauzers for $150
- Flea and tick treatment
- Vet checked
- 1 year written health guarantee for life threaten genetic health defects!
- Puppy food.

-Deposit is $200 on any puppy. Deposit goes to wards the puppy. All monies are non-refundable.

You can reach us at any time! Call or email, we are always happy to hear from you!
We ALSO LOVE updates! We enjoy seeing new pictures! We would love the opportunity  to share pictures with EVERY ONE!

A special Thank You to Tina Couch! Your the best friend ever!!

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